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For over 135 years Vaughan tools have been synonymous with craftsmanship and tradition.
The company has grown from a small manufacturer of hand tools to one of the world's most renowned with a range comprising hammers, prybars, hatchets, landscaping tools and construction tools.

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Photo of Steel Eagle
Vaughan - Steel Eagle

MRP from:£33.96
Our Price from:£29.87

Photo of Bear Claw nail puller
Vaughan - Bear Claw nail puller

Our Price from:£14.60

Photo of Hooker bar
Vaughan - Hooker bar

Our Price:£10.66

Photo of Hex steel ripping bar
Vaughan - Hex steel ripping bar

MRP from:£20.37
Our Price from:£12.48

Photo of Stubby bar
Vaughan - Stubby bar

Our Price:£8.41

Photo of Superbar
Vaughan - Superbar

MRP from:£17.33
Our Price from:£10.74