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Photo of Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs

Our Price:£15.19

Photo of Professional Anvil Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Professional Anvil Secateurs

Our Price:£13.33

Photo of Traditional Anvil Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Traditional Anvil Secateurs

Our Price:£6.99

Photo of Garden Life Pruning Snips
Kent & Stowe - Garden Life Pruning Snips

Our Price:£6.88

Photo of Perennial Hand Shears
Kent & Stowe - Perennial Hand Shears

Our Price:£10.69

Photo of Garden Life Bypass Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Garden Life Bypass Secateurs

Our Price:£5.49

Photo of Traditional Bypass Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Traditional Bypass Secateurs

Our Price:£5.95

Photo of Professional Bypass Secateurs
Kent & Stowe - Professional Bypass Secateurs

Our Price:£13.39

Photo of Turbo Folding Pruning Saw
Kent & Stowe - Turbo Folding Pruning Saw

Our Price:£9.93

Photo of Pruning saw
Kent & Stowe - Pruning saw

Our Price:£10.49