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elfa® twin slot shelving originates from the fi rst patent for twin slot systems by
Sparring in 1947. Since then design, function and fl exibility have been guidelines
when developing new systems and products. The twin slot system has stood the
test of time and is still one of the best ways to utilise wall space for storage. It works
well both in domestic and commercial enviroments.
Designed and manufactured by Scandinavia’s leading producer of storage
solutions – the elfa® range features a traditional double-slot system, a new hanging
system and drawer systems.
Built to exacting standards, using high grade steel for unwavering strength and
support, the system feature an epoxy polyester fi nish that will not peel, fade or
collect dust like many other types of material.
Please fi nd more detailed information regarding products, installation guidelines,
product news etc. on www.elfa.com
Housing projects
• Bedrooms
• Living rooms
• Hallways
• Home offi ce
• Garages
• Sheds and outhouses
In the workplace
Offices & Factories
• Anywhere in the offi ce
• Libraries, records and archives
• Stores
• Laboratories
In public buildings
• Wards
• Storage rooms
• Laboratories
• Laundry rooms
Schools &

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Photo of Twin slot shelf brackets - White
Elfa ( Spur ) - Twin slot shelf brackets - White

Our Price from:£2.89

Photo of Twin slot uprights 316mm to 2396mm
Elfa ( Spur ) - Twin slot uprights 316mm to 2396mm

Our Price from:£3.79