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By definition, only one company can be the industry leader. Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) is that leader, recognized worldwide for product quality, performance and customer service since 1976. Only the best products will carry the DMT® brand.

Founded in 1976, DMT is the leading innovator of manual diamond sharpening technology for people and industries dependent upon high performance edges. Incorporating diamond’s ability to abrade hard metals, DMT's engineering and product development expertise and patented processes have evolved and expanded to service industrial, commercial and consumer markets. The company offers sharpening solutions for virtually every user-from do-it-yourselfers to professionals and large commercial operations. DMT® specialized, precision sharpening systems function easily and efficiently to sharpen, hone, lap or deburr in the production, maintenance and repair cycles of a myriad of products.

DMT® continues to be an entirely ‘Made in the USA’ company with all products manufactured in the company’s facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts and distributed throughout the world.

How was the DMT® sharpener invented? Originally a manufacturer of grinding wheels the company repurposed a center punch-out of a diamond grinding wheel and developed an entire new way of manual sharpening. After testing a sample of a center punch out sent to them, a purchasing agent for L.L. Bean extolled the product’s sharpening performance and worked with the engineers at DMT® to refine the resulting product..The result of that cooperation launched DMT® on its way to becoming the recognized leader and the industry standard in diamond honing hand tools. L.L. Bean remains a DMT® customer to this day.

Suddenly, there was an available alternative to the traditional methods of sharpening that required no messy oil, never grooved or hollowed, and lasted and lasted. It was an unbreakable, clean-cutting, and super-fast sharpener, It was a tool that could sharpen any material, including the toughest composites, ceramics and any metal, including tungsten carbide and even polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts.

A variety of successful new products in receptive markets fueled the company’s growth. Many innovative DMT® brands, copied but never equaled, are:

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Photo of Diamond Mini Stone
DMT - Diamond Mini Stone

MRP from:£14.73
Our Price from:£9.13

Photo of Dia-Fold Double Sided Sharpener
DMT - Dia-Fold Double Sided Sharpener

MRP from:£53.45
Our Price from:£33.14

Photo of Dia Fold Single Sided Sharpener
DMT - Dia Fold Single Sided Sharpener

MRP from:£31.88
Our Price from:£19.77

Photo of Diamond Bench Stone - 6
DMT - Diamond Bench Stone - 6" x 2"

MRP from:£76.37
Our Price from:£47.36