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Everbuild and Sika - Constructa Pro

Product Reference: [ CONPRO07 ]

Everbuild Constructa-Pro is a high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of building applications. Constructa-Pro adheres well to most common building materials including stone, concrete blocks, brick, wood, plasterboard, insulation board, metal and much more! Once cured, it’s also rot-proof, and moisture and temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C.
Constructa-Pro provides significant time, labour and convenience benefits when compared to mortar, a summary as follows:
time saving over conventional building methods.
High adhesive strength in just 5 minutes
No mixing
No mess
No water
No bucket
No dust
No heavy bags to carry
Works on solid walls, and most other standard building materials
Areas For Use
For fixing Plasterboard to solid walls
For fixing Plasterboard to metal and timber stud walls and battens
Bonding insulation boards to most substrates
Mortar substitute for building rough garden walls and planters
Bonds to: Masonry, Concrete, Plaster , Timber, Metal, Insulation boards and much more.
Carefully read instructions and text in warning box before use.
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Colour Product Code Pack Size Box Qty Grey CONPRO07 750ml 12 CONSTRUCTA-PRO

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Constructa Pro

Constructa-Pro - Tube

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