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Trend - Blades - Trend Rip Blades 190 to 350mm

Product Reference: [ CSB ]

Rip blades

A range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Sawblades designed for a professional finish in soft wood, hard wood, plasterboard, stone fibre board and particle board.

Reamed bore to ensure precise fit to spindle.
Silverbraze to ensure tip is bonded securely to body.
Body hardened and tempered to maintain trueness. Laser etched on reverse to European standard EN847-1/2.
The Trend name for traceability and a guarantee of quality.
High grade alloy steel plate body precision ground to maintain flatness.
Microgranular tungsten carbide tipped to allow cutting of abrasive materials.

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Trend Rip Blades 190 to 350mm

190mm X 12t 30mm Bore 2.6 Kerf Csb19012

(Prod ref 1538-1871) Our Price: £10.90 (£13.08 inc. VAT)

200mm X 12t 30mm Bore 2.4 Kerf Csb20012

(Prod ref 1538-1872) Our Price: £12.29 (£14.75 inc. VAT)

250mm X 30t 30mm Bore 2.8 Kerf Csb25030

(Prod ref 1538-1873) Our Price: £21.46 (£25.75 inc. VAT)

300mm X 24t 30mm Bore 2.8 Kerf Csb30024

(Prod ref 1538-1874) Our Price: £23.20 (£27.84 inc. VAT)

300mm X 24t 30mm Bore 2.8 Kerf Csb30024

(Prod ref 1538-1875) Our Price: £23.20 (£27.84 inc. VAT)

315m X 24t 30mm Bore 3.2 Kerf Csb31524

(Prod ref 1538-1876) Our Price: £24.26 (£29.11 inc. VAT)

350m X 28t 30mm Bore 3.0 Kerf Csb35028

(Prod ref 1538-1877) Our Price: £30.21 (£36.25 inc. VAT)

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