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Osmo Wood Care - Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 & 425 Extra - 750ml & 2.5L

Product Reference: [ Osmo 420 & 425 ]

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra Description
Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is a clear or pigmented in Oak, satin-matt finish for exterior use.
Osmo UV Protection Oil is natural oil based and micro-porous, and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. When used as a final finish after staining wood Osmo UV-Protection-Oil prolongs the renovation time significantly. However, when used as a complete finish by itself it blocks the greying process by UV-Protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood. To freshen up simply apply a further coat onto the dry, clean surface (no sanding no dust).
Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is water- and dirt-resistant. It is moisture regulating and reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood. Osmo UV-Protection-Oil has a large coverage, is easy to apply and easy to maintain. Oil enhances the natural look of the wood (wet look).
Product based on natural oil
Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is based on natural vegetable oils. Natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, and preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. The wood is allowed to breathe. Moisture can evaporate. Shrinking and swelling are reduced.
Osmo have recently introduced UV-Protection-Oil with oak pigment (425) for extra protection.

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Osmo UV Protection Oil 420 & 425 Extra - 750ml & 2.5L

2.5L 420 Clear Osmo UV Protection Oil

(Prod ref 1746-11620) Our Price: £49.00 (£58.80 inc. VAT)

750ml 425 Osmo UV Protection Oil - Oak

(Prod ref 1746-2366) Our Price: £23.92 (£28.70 inc. VAT)

2.5L 425 Osmo UV Protection Oil - Oak

(Prod ref 1746-2367) Our Price: £51.90 (£62.28 inc. VAT)

750ml 420 Clear Osmo UV Protection Oil

(Prod ref 1746-11619) Our Price: £22.92 (£27.50 inc. VAT)

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