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Heritage Brass - V6720-AT Turn & Release AT PB PC SN PNF mb

Product Reference: [ V6720-AT ]

Thumbturn & Release
Diameter 53mm
Polished Brass
Polished Chrome
Antique Brass

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V6720-AT Turn & Release AT PB PC SN PNF mb

V6720-at Antique Brass -+

(Prod ref 3920-9067) Our Price: £11.07 (£13.28 inc. VAT)

V6720-pb Polished Brass -+

(Prod ref 3920-9068) Our Price: £11.07 (£13.28 inc. VAT)

V6720-pc Polished Chrome -+

(Prod ref 3920-9072) Our Price: £11.07 (£13.28 inc. VAT)

V6720-sn Satin Nickel -+

(Prod ref 3920-9073) Our Price: £11.07 (£13.28 inc. VAT)

V6720-pnf Polished Nickel +

(Prod ref 3920-9074) Our Price: £12.74 (£15.29 inc. VAT)

V6720-MB Thumbturn & Emergency Release Matt Bronze finish

(Prod ref 3920-28873) Our Price: £12.74 (£15.29 inc. VAT)

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