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Trend - Router Cutters - Profile Cutters 12.7mm to 19mm Dia up to 50mm long

Product Reference: [ 46 ]

With bearings mounted on end of cutter
Profiler with shank mounted bearing guides.
For use with router mounted above or below a table when following a template.
For profiling and rebating applications only.
Not for plunge cutting/grooving.
A 3mm maximum overlap should be left before trimming.
Refs. 46/910 and 46/91 have a shorter cutter length for use on thin boards.
They are ideal for template making.

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Profile Cutters 12.7mm to 19mm Dia up to 50mm long

12.7mm Dia x 9.5mm Cut 1/4 -46/91

(Prod ref 1854-2469) Our Price: £28.86 (£34.63 inc. VAT)

12.7mm Dia x 25.4mm Cut 1/4 -46/95

(Prod ref 1854-2468) Our Price: £31.64 (£37.97 inc. VAT)

16mm Dia x 25mm Cut 1/4 - 46/90

(Prod ref 1854-2470) Our Price: £42.10 (£50.52 inc. VAT)

19mm Dia x 50mm Cut 1/2 - 46/09

(Prod ref 1854-2471) Our Price: £56.14 (£67.37 inc. VAT)

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