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With a heritage dating back to the 1760s, Spear & Jackson offer a broad range of premium quality, industry-leading brands including Eclipse and Tyzack as well as Spear and Jackson. Between them, the two companies are involved in the design, manufacture, procurement and distribution of lawn, garden and agricultural tools, wood saws and hacksaws. They also provide a full range of contractors’ hand and power tools and electric garden implements. Complementing the European operations, Spear & Jackson (Australia) and Spear and Jackson (New Zealand) provide sales and distribution services in Australia and New Zealand. These subsidiaries enhance their sales through the development of their own products, in particular air compressors and automotive equipment.

Spear & Jackson France has also been active in launching new products under the Spear & Jackson and Forges de Lavieu brand names. Additionally, through its Karamel & Jeremy range, it has branched into children’s gardening products and accessories, with a view to building brand loyalty among a new generation of gardeners.

In recognition of Spear & Jackson’s brand heritage and reputation for producing premium tools, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK, approached the company to develop a dual-branded range of high-end gardening tools. This partnership reinforces Spear & Jackson’s unique combination of history and innovation, and the company is proud to support Kew’s pivotal role as a world leader in plant science and conservation.

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Photo of Taper Mouth No.2 Shovel
Spear & Jackson Group Ltd - Taper Mouth No.2 Shovel

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Photo of Square Mouth No.2 Shovel
Spear & Jackson Group Ltd - Square Mouth No.2 Shovel

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Photo of Spear & Jackson 16
Spear & Jackson Group Ltd - Spear & Jackson 16"(406mm) Tubular Steel Newcastle Draining Tool

Our Price:£11.90