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EVERBUILD 505 Plasterers GRIPCOAT® contains a fine
aggregate to provide an improved key before applying
the plaster skim coat on many smooth and difficult
surfaces. The fine aggregates are suspended in a
unique gel to ensure easy application by roller or
brush and an even spread of aggregate avoiding any
weak spots in the key coat and preventing the aggregate particles coming loose during skimming.
Can be used on many smooth and difficult surfaces
such as glossy painted surfaces, textured paints,
particle board, MDF, waterproof plasterboards, fire
boards, pre-cast concrete and even ceramic tiles. One
easily applied coat will allow overskimming onto surfaces that would otherwise need meshing, removing
or keying.
EVERBUILD 505 Plasterers GRIPCOAT® can also be
used to provide a non-absorbent surface that reduces
suction on blockwork and sand and cement screeds
keeping the skim coat workable for longer. It can also
be used to retard plaster skim coats on larger areas
where you need to keep a wet edge.
As a bonding agent for plaster to difficult substrates
such as glass, ceramic, MR Plywood, MDF, precast
concrete and plasterboards.

As a bonding agent for plaster over textured surfaces.

▪ Extra grip plasterers bonding agent
▪ Contains fine aggregate to improve plaster key
▪ Reduces suction on blockwork and screeds
▪ One coat application, plaster when dry
▪ Blue colour to indicate coverage

Viscosity @ 23°C 15000-50000 cP
pH 8.0-9.5
Minimum Film Forming
Temperature (°C)
Approx 5
High Temperature Stability (4 Weeks @ 50°C)

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