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Nova - Nova Chuck jaw set 4" (100mm) - BRI 101195

Product Reference: [ BRI 101195 ]

For gripping in a dovetail recess or a footed bowl
Suitable for larger work, bowls between 300mm and 350mm
Maximum grip, provided by the dovetail cross section of jaw
Expands into a recess between 97mm and 117mm diameter
Spigot range from 76mm to 99mm diameter
Square timber between 56mm and 76mm

These jaws will expand into a dovetail recess or grip footed bowls. These are one of NOVA’s most popular jaws for mounting 300mm to 350mm bowls. The jaw expands into a recess between 97mm and 117mm diameter. When gripping a spigot the range is 76mm to 99mm diameter. These jaws will also hold square stock between 56mm and 76mm. Suits both SuperNova2 and Nova G3 chucks.

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Nova Chuck jaw set 4

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