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Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Axiome® glazing sheets provide a lightweight and robust solution that can be used in many varied applications. Available in at least five thicknesses Axiome® is manufactured in a huge range of sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality providing probably the widest selections of multiwall globally. The use of this versatile product is increasing all the time, due to its inherent properties making it lightweight, flexible, strong, safe and with an excellent light transmission.

For roof glazing Axiome® provides peace of mind that it won’t shatter and produce dangerous shards like glass in the event of impact. Axiome® is extruded in a structured formation that provides excellent spanning strength whilst maintaining a degree of longitudinal flexibility for curved structures as required.

Light Weight
Safe - Won’t Shatter
Excellent Light Transmission
Bomb Blast Resistant
Excellent Insulation Values
Several thickness options to suit every application

Common uses
Cold Frames
Sun lounges
Barrel Vaults
Canopies & Shelters
Bicycle Shelters
Commercial Roof Glazing
Swimming Pool Roofs

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