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Hoppe - Arrone - Arrone AR800SA-SSS Floor spring (Complete)

Product Reference: [ AR800SA ]

An adjustable power unit which inc orporates a proven cam action roller
system combining smooth performance with reliability.
standards and certifi cation
Quality & Performance: Successfully type tested for conformity to all the
requirements of BS EN1154: 1997
3 8 4
1 1* 1 3
Manufactured by an ISO 9000 Registered Company
Fire Safety: Included in a successful fi re test to BS EN1634 Part 1: 2000.
Assessed for use on 30 min, 1 hour & 2 hour fi re doors
CE Marked: Declaration of conformity available on request
Certifi re Approved Product: Certifi cate CF495
Conformity Statement: These products can satisfy the opening force
recommendations of BS8300 and Approved Document M and Approved
Document M when fi tted to a minimum door width of 826mm and has been
3rd party laboratory tested accordingly. However, consideration must be
given to other installed hardware and differential air pressures within the
building which can affect the overall performance of the closer.
Adjustable power size 1-4 (max door width 1100mm/max door weight 300kgs)
Closing Speed Adjustment Range: Adjustment can be made throughout
whole of 360 range (180 for single action)
Latch Adjustment Range: Latching action can be adjusted fi nal 10 of closing
Backcheck Range: Backcheck can be adjusted between 70 and 90 or
Stand Open (optional extra): Doors will stand open 90. This feature must not
be used on fi re resisting doors
Gel packs for wet areas available
available kits:
Single Action Unit Complete with Accessories Comprises: Mechanism, Floor
Box, Accessory Pack and Cover Plate
Double Action Unit Complete with Accessories Comprises: Mechanism, Floor
Box, Accessory Pack and Cover Plate
fi nishes:
Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel and Polished Brass
Supported by a 10 Year Guarantee

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Arrone AR800SA-SSS Floor spring (Complete)

(Product reference 1819-0)
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