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ERA - Era Window Restrictors

Product Reference: [ 720 ]

The ERA Window Restrictor is designed specifically with child safety in mind, restricting the window opening to 75mm (3). It is manufactured from high tensile aluminium and is available in two finishes. A special key is used to unlock and the lock can only be disconnected when the window is closed.
The Window Restrictor is ideal for high rise buildings as it allows ventilation with security. It is available for both wooden and metal framed windows.

Product Code
720 & 721

Finishes Available
White, Silver

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Era Window Restrictors

Era 720-15 White for Wooden Windows

(Prod ref 1603-2049) Our Price: £6.46

Era 720-25 Brown for Wooden Windows

(Prod ref 1603-2050) Our Price: £6.46

Era 721-15 White for Metal windows

(Prod ref 1603-2051) Our Price: £6.46

Era 721-25 Brown for Metal windows

(Prod ref 1603-2052) Our Price: £6.46

Era 720-15 White for Wooden Windows (100 bulk pack)

(Prod ref 1603-5371) Our Price: £578.74

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