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Clifton - No 3 Small Smoothing Plane

Product Reference: [ 1 3/4 ]

This little plane is an excellent performer, ideal for work on smaller pieces or sections. Perfect for situations where the No 4's larger size is inconvenient and extra weight undesirable, the No 3 is capable very fine work indeed.
As with all Clifton woodworking tools, the No 3 is aimed at the discerning cabinet maker and woodworker. It requires no flattening or fettling in prior to use, although the most users prefer to hone the blade themselves.
Even on this small plane the Body and Frog are machined in the traditional "Bedrock" manner. The 1 3/4" blade is forged from high carbon steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62. The cap iron is Clifton's two-piece design, the adjuster and lever clamp are solid polished brass.

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No 3 Small Smoothing Plane

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